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ENFP males: what attracts you and most of all, what maintains your interest?

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(welcome the ladies as well, looking for the guys to answer this one (so few ENFP guys on the thread). Though I do look forward to your insights as well because I know they'll be just as wonderful!).

Question: what attracts the ENFP male and what maintains your interest in the long run?

An ENFP male confirmed feelings of romantic interest in me and told me tonight that he dreamt about his last day and town and this time he had dreamt he kissed me before he had left from (in reality, we only hugged). :blushed:

Also, what are you general thoughts on the ENFP male and ENFJ female compatibility? Witnessed IRL? The ENFP in question is a low introvert, with moderate N & F functions, and a low P. I am also a low E, with a high N, mid F, and mid to high J. I don't know how much of that really matters....

Thanks fellow ENFs!:happy:
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I've noticed a lot of ENFPs get along with someone who can "put up with them".... someone who appreciates them for who they are, even if sometimes they can be a bit air headed and forgetful, but I think as long as you appreciate his qualities (crazy ideas, spontaneity, listening to him, being able to keep up with him)... i think it's what they need.

I'm speaking from experience with an ENFP, at least that's what I think he loves about me, is the fact that I accept him and appreciate him, and also I'm pretty crazy as well, so I doubt we'd ever get bored with each other. But then again, I"m not ENFJ... although I did have a ENFJ girl friend... you ladies are very entertaining and fun PLUS you got the more sensitive side which I lack, so I don't see how you could have any problems with an ENFP (judging by types only, i don't know the guy).

Also my ENFJ friend is married to an INFP and they get along great.
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