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ENFP males: what attracts you and most of all, what maintains your interest?

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(welcome the ladies as well, looking for the guys to answer this one (so few ENFP guys on the thread). Though I do look forward to your insights as well because I know they'll be just as wonderful!).

Question: what attracts the ENFP male and what maintains your interest in the long run?

An ENFP male confirmed feelings of romantic interest in me and told me tonight that he dreamt about his last day and town and this time he had dreamt he kissed me before he had left from (in reality, we only hugged). :blushed:

Also, what are you general thoughts on the ENFP male and ENFJ female compatibility? Witnessed IRL? The ENFP in question is a low introvert, with moderate N & F functions, and a low P. I am also a low E, with a high N, mid F, and mid to high J. I don't know how much of that really matters....

Thanks fellow ENFs!:happy:
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Depends on the person really so what I will say does not apply to you 'even if you are an ENFJ' ;)

I went on a blind date (friend of a friend) two weeks ago with an ENFJ for a whole weekend. I had skyped a couple of times and exchanged messages with her before. She was nice, intelligent, sexy but the whole time I was craving for the weekend to end. We talked, talked and talked (both being extreme extroverts) but we didn't 'click' - she was completely self absorbed and most of our discussions were about how I could (not might or would like to) fit into her life vision and her future plans (she already had that completely figured out, probably with stats). It felt like dating a precision rocket and I'm more of a loose cannon.

I'll echo what WMDistraction said about keeping me interested and add that I really need enough breeding room and space to be able to enjoy and feel part of the relationship too.
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