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ENFP Men Sexual Conquest Brag Thread

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Okay guys. You know you wanted it. You've been pulling every other thread in that direction, so here it finally is. Go ahead and reveal your sexual conquests from your dark days of yore and finally receive the "thanks" or kudos you feel you deserve. Virgin Men- go ahead and give detail about how you made the barista smile and blush (you know you coulda had her if you wanted).

So here you go men. Spread out them Peacock feathers and walk proudly. Oy.
(ENFP Women-we shall keep our background giggling to a moderate to low level. But I'm sure they wouldn't mind the loud applause :wink:

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE EXPLANATIONS TOO EXPLICIT AS THIS IS STILL IN SUB FORUM AND NOT SPAM. I am trying to keep it here. But I know my ENFPs are good at knowing their audience anyway. :wink:
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this was for me, wasn't it?
i was told to brag in the last thread!
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ahahah. FINE. =]
well, basically, there was this girl, i met at a party. her boyfriend was actually at the party, he went for a walk for a little bit. and she jumped onto my lap and started making out with me. and we stopped, because her boyfriend was gonna be back at any minute.
obviously their relationship wasn't doing too good, or i would have felt a lot worse.
so, anyway, i got her phone number, actually had a good 20-minute discussion with her boyfriend about politics (that was weird), they left, she gave me her number.

anyway, the situation with the two of them got worse. and it was one of those evenings where i was just like, hmm. i could use some immediate gratification. so i texted her, asked if she was doing anything in half an hour, and told her to meet me at this big bridge.

now, the bridge has a part underneath that you can climb across to, it's basically a pillar in the middle of a river with a plateau on it, secluded enough that people can't really see whats going on unless they're looking for something. and we got over there. played truth or dare, which basically resulted in us both losing some clothes (warm summer night), and then for truth, i said "what do you think about sex in public?" an she kinda giggled, and said she'd always wanted to try it.
so i pulled her in and kissed her.

and you can guess where it went from there.

i wasn't always such a nice guy. :wink:

i miss that. nowadays, i'd much prefer a real connection than get laid. sex is overrated, and love is underrated.
bear in mind i'm younger than you guys. i think reading this back, it's sort of the remnants of the romanticism -which was crushed by real world reality when i was a young teen- coming out, the way i describe it. like it's not so much the fact that i got laid which is why i like reciting this, it's because the chase is incredibly exciting and it brings all the emotions back.
nonono, i love the sex. but i'd much rather a passionate kiss with someone awesome than sex with somebody i could care less about.
Wow. Sex is overrated? Not in my book.

Maybe this is the difference between male ENFPs and female ENFPs. I started out overrating love and eventually moved to pure sex being the shizzle. So far it seems like ENFP men go from the other extreme to valuing love more. *puke*

Perhaps 2 ENFPs could get together only if it is at a time in their lives when they are both intersecting in the middle. Like 2 passing ships on their way to opposite ends of the earth.
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