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Here I am as ENFP (I guess), I've got some question about that type.

I'm pretty curious about me, how I feel things, what am I and all that crap so yeah that's an ENFP trait I share with all presumably ENFP's.

However, I picked differences based on how we are portrayed :

- All the time "on" optimism

I'm optimistic but not blindly, I tend to see things how they are and I deal with them by using facts of the present. I'm more pragmatic than dreamy

- ENFP/INFP always get well/are alike

That's probably what irrritates me the MOST. I'm not that compassionate, and from what I observed on the internet side
a lot of ppl indentified as ENFP considered themselves are introvert borderlines.

I'm not that dreamer idealistic and get upset when I can't reach a goal that I previously fixed myself to reach
I don't think I have hard time being extroverted most of the time, when I act silent it's bcz I'm bored or bothered. (I don't show every aspect of my life I think) I think friends or ppl I'm with every week must know about 70-80% of my life, I'm not that much private and I don't hide sadness when it comes, even in public. I'm trying to deal with my emotions by myself tho

I really can't relate with ENFP of the Internet community, get me upset because that's not how I am and this is pressuring my own vision on my personality

Mbti isn't fully right about dichotomies, I still agree about the way ppl most likely use their "function"

But I fucking hate being caught in that dreamy bubbly stereotype kind of ppl that too much identified as this type tend to go along with

Good for you
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