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ENFP video game character compilation (add some if it isnt on the list) (Also btw this is from personality database)

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Sleeve Art Collar Chest Fashion design

Sky Water Cartoon Musical instrument Happy
Toy Cartoon Doll Sleeve Gesture

Art Fictional character Toy Action figure Animation

Cartoon Black hair Art Drawing Fictional character

Cartoon Gesture Art Fictional character Electric blue

Musical instrument Guitar accessory Guitar Purple String instrument accessory
Toy Doll Fictional character Uniform Fashion design
Hair Head Eye Cartoon Mouth
Gesture Sleeve Toy Thumb Beard
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Star Lord Guardians of the Galaxy is an ENFP, I will not hear any other type periods.
Jinx (from LOL) Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa) Venti (Genshin Impact)
Oh and Tracer! (Overwatch)
I gave a good laugh at the heavy on this list. Not sure he's ENFP. However, I have screamed out, cry some more when playing Team Fortress 2.

Maybe the pyro fits more?
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Maybe the pyro fits more?
Yep. We have a winner lol. Though weird I never played Pyro.

Made this last night dreaming of cup cakes and ice cream land 😆

Product Pink Cone Material property Art

Smile Happy Art Gesture Pink
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