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Written by @hmwith

Although there are likely ENFPs of every Enneagram type, it is most common for one to be either a type 7 or a type 4. While these can seem very similar, they are very distinct variations of the ENFP personality.

Primarily, the 4 is a heart type, while the 7 is a head type.* The core need of the 4 is identity; the core need of the 7 is stimulation. Let's first explain the relationship of the two personality typologies.

How the Enneagram affects ENFPs
Sevens are typically seen a sensors (STs or SFs), but that's not necessarily true. Sevens can be a multitude of personalities, including ENFPs.

And being a 4 definitely doesn't come from being an ENFP either. Intuitive feeling (NF) is a characteristic that has nothing to do with identity issues. What the NF does is make ENFPs notice meaning and scan for possibilities, getting vibes from everyone and everything. Identity needs are not caused by the NF quality. They are caused by being a 4.
It's evident that a combination of the types gives a more thorough explanation of human personality variation, because it's clear that Robin Williams (type 7) and Criss Angel (type 4), while both definitely ENFPs, are quite different.

ENFP 4s vs. ENFP 7s
If you run into a less extroverted ENFP, it's likely that he is a 4 with a 5 wing (4w5), because they are drained from being out in the world and hide inside their own heads. An ENFP who is a 4 with a 3 wing (4w3), on the other hand, is energized by intense experiences, which is just like a 7.

That's where the confusion with identification begins. 4w3s and 7s may both be very hyper, but there's more emotional involvement from the 4. And a 4w5 may seem like a healthy 7 when he is able to quickly learn a great deal of knowledge, since a 7 integrates to a 5. When the 4w5 is unhealthy though, he resembles an absent-minded, spontaneous 7. One has to sort through the similarities and get to the differences.

Fours have an "emotional longing" and an intense appreciation for true beauty, and 7s have more of an energized but passing materialistic interest. However, don't assume that every "deep" ENFP is a 4, because creativity and depth are not reserved for 4s. Sevens are not necessarily shallow; they also are capable of these traits. However, if an ENFP feels very confined and constricted by personality tests in general, it is likely that he is a 4.

In general, each type will carry a distinct energy and sense of humor. When ENFPS fall into dark places, 7s and 4s react quite differently. The 7 may seem nervous, and the 4 may seem self-conscious. While they can both end up feeling empty, for 7s, it's the lack of direct stimulation, and for 4s, it's the loss of "feeling intensity".

Further reading

[HR][/HR]*If you're new to the Enneagram, learn more about the terms "heart", "head", and "wings" at the International Enneagram Association.

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