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K so, a good friend of mine is ENFP and I love her to death, and usually talking to people wears me out after a while, but after talking to her for a few hours I am like off the walls so freaking hyper. I’m like talking ten miles a minute, like, “Omg I wanna pony, ponies are awesome, I used to look at ponies when I was a kid and want to shave them, OMG I wonder what it’d be like to shave a pony? Do you think the hair would get everywhere? Aaaah it’d be so cool if humans had fur like ponies... or maybe that’d be gross, considering it’s gross when guys have a sweater under their sweater, but oh my gosh ponies! They’re so cute, like ducklings! I love watching mama ducks and their ducklings! I just want to hug them and love them except I don’t think the mama duck would appreciate that very much. She’d probably be like ‘Get away from my children, woman,’ and then I’d feel bad for making her upset, but she’d probably just peck at me anyway and then I’d get angry and shove her in the water, but then what if I fell in trying to shove her in the water? Oooooh but then I could go swimming! It’d be so fun... but what if my cell phone was in my pocket? Hmm... well I dropped it in the toilet once and it survived, but I took it out right away. Well the mermaids on H2O never seemed to take out their cell phones before they got wet and it never hurt them, but I guess I’m not a mermaid so that’s cool but OH MY GOSH I LOVE PUPPIES!”

I’m normally not like that. At all. I’m like super slow paced and chill. But get me around an ENFP for a few hours and I am like WIRED. ENFPs are like my crack. I swear. I don’t get it, but I love it. My best friend of four years is an ENFP too, and she’s not quite as spastic as the other ENFP friend as much, so she doesn’t get me riled up quite to that degree, but talking with her still always energizes me, rather than draining me as it does talking with other people. Our friendship has had its rocky points, but we’ve managed to make it work through mutual understanding. She understands that if I don’t open up to her much, it’s not that I don’t love her, but that I have trouble opening up to others, and I understand that if she doesn’t seem to be paying attention to me as much when others are around, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love me, she just gets excited to talk to people. :)

I <3 ENFPs

(*Note: Both these individuals have taken an online MBTI test, so I’m not just guessing their type. They’re verified ENFPs. ^_^)
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