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My mother is an ENFP. Well she is, except that shes not much of a mother. Shes more of a child. She picks HUGE fights with you over nothing when shes in a bad mood and then trys to blame them on you, I have never once in my life seen her truly take responsibility for something she has done, she always has to be put first or else her feelings get hurt, she is incapable of letting more than 7 words escape your mouth before she interupts you to respond to what you are saying BEFORE you have even made a point, she is absolutely sure that she knows everything youre thinking when she just plain doesnt, and worst of all: if she ever saw that i wrote anything like this she would start weeping and be totally incapable of handling it. basically shes just very unstable. I feel that I've had to parent both myself and her my whole life.

BUT there are also a lot of positive things about her as a mother. She loves me and my sisters more than anything else in the world(and she makes it clear), she truly wants to be a good mother, shes so spontaneous and fun, shes hilariously funny, shes a great friend even if not a mother, she trys to be kind and get people to like her, she trys to relate to people, shes honestly a nice person, shes not too confining or strict about most things, she trys to be open most of the time.

For sure, some things about her have contributed to her a not having a healthy relationship with any of her children, but honestly, shes worth it. i love her to pieces and wouldnt trade her for the world.
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