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try and inspire me then. win my heart.

i challenge you :crazy::crazy:
I don't know if this will inspire you, but it inspired me!

Think about it, you don't really wanna do a lot of work in school right?
Let's say you're studying, and disagree with your teacher. What will happen? you will argue, and you will most likely loose, because it's pretty hard to "win" a debate on a topic the other have studied for years.
To win, you need to be smarter than your teacher, or at least read a lot, understand more and listen carefully, then find a topic you think you know a lot about, then discuss it with your teacher, taking the opposite opinion of your teacher, just to prove that you know what you're doing so much, you can argue for the other side, even thou you don't agree!
Basically; prove to your teacher that you are smart! Because then they know you CAN do most of the class work if you want, and you can relax in school!

Thinking about this inspires me to work harder. I want to beat my teacher in a debate! HA!

oh, and it's just a name ;P I don't feel like I inspire a lot of people ^^
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