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The shadow man thread got me on a roll pondering the paranormal;
what about an opposite weird experience, one that left you feeling

I've had a few experiences that were no big deal, but gave me some
faith that maybe we are more than this physical body, and there is help
and support from the 'otherworlds', whatever they are.

A few times over the course of a year, when I was focusing more on
spirituality than normal, the strong scent of roses would waft into
the room where I was sitting. My imagination perhaps, but even
my kids smelt them and when we got in the car, the scent was still
strong. Mind you, not a fresh flower in sight.

Around that same year, I awoke on several separate nights
to a humming deep within my body, as though every cell
were being lit up. I also had a sense that I might leave my

Other times, when deeply relaxed I had auditory phenomena such as waterfalls,
buzzing of bees, sound of flutes and drums They sounded like they
were coming from a great distance, yet in my room and clear at the
same time.

I know most people would assume I was on some kind of medication or
having a 'delusional' episode, but my children also experienced similiar
things to me, so I don't know how you explain that.

I hope I don't sound like too much of a nutcase but these experiences
were very real and left me feeling like I was on cloud nine.

I might add that after these events, I did not become a better person or
more 'spiritual', they just gave me some much needed reassurance.

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I've had a few weird experiences... Most of which have been neutral. And a lot of which people wouldn't really think of as weird, I guess. I remember when I was in a waiting room at a hospital, I got the feeling like the person I was there for was sitting where I was. And it got so strong that I had to move. But it was kind of... nice. Like they were watching us. And then at one point I was in a taxi going home, and I got the strong sense that they'd died. And I remember a song playing on the radio... But I'm sure it wasn't. And then when we got back the person had died. But because of the feelings I'd been getting, I was calm. And it's kinda awkward saying this, cause it was just feelings, I didn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary. But I felt it.

And I remember one time lying in bed when I could feel the earth spinning. That was amazing.

And those things made me feel better.

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None of my ghost sightings have been frightening. In an old farmhouse I was living in I saw an elderly man sleeping 10 foot off the ground. He was wearing a nightgown and sleeping cap. Upstairs I saw a pair of high-top tennis shoes walking beside the bed with no legs in them. I also saw downstairs a cat hanging from a noose around it's neck. All these sightings occurred in this one farmhouse. My parents tell me that when I was quite young I reported seeing Mrs Knight (lady in a blue dress) when I came down for breakfast when staying at a hunt club in corrola. Mrs. Knight used to live in this one home in the early 1900s.

I have had other really cool experiences like I feel like the phone is going to ring then 5 seconds later it rings, I'll get intuitive feelings sometimes like "the exact right answer" will come to me like I'll tell husband as we are walking into the house the exact time someone called and left a message on the answering machine. I've had dreams when the same stuff happened the next day.

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I told this story once before on this forum, but I'll tell it again because I love it. :)

I was pretty close to my grandma. When I was little, some of my fondest memories of her were going with her and my grandpa to their cabin in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky and having bonfires. The most vivid part of these memories was when we'd hear the call of the whippoorwill, all night long. Constantly calling its name. My grandparents would always point it out to me. "There goes the whippoorwill!" and I'd listen.

The night my grandma died, we were living in different states. I got the news and I decided my husband and I should have a bonfire that night in honor of my grandma. My husband even drank her favorite drink, bourbon, and we toasted to her. That night, all night long, we heard the call of the whippoorwill! Never had we heard it before, and never have we heard it again in our yard. Not once! We knew it had to be her with us.

Just telling that, gave me a huge chill up my spine and tears in my eyes. Oh grandma, I miss you.
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