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See, this is why I think enneagram is likely flawed (what isn't, tbh.) After reading all this, I still think of myself as 2w3 and 4w5 equally. I believe there are blurred lines for sure.

Edit - or I guess, what I'm trying to say is that I don't believe there is a "true type" for everyone. I think it's possible for some to really and naturally go in-between two.
those two types are so different I doubt it. BUT do bare in mind that everyone has all 9 types within them. It is just which one is your default. I think personally people should find out their instincts first (because of all the variation between all of the 27 types and the counter types etc.). After that it will be a little easier when you compare those descriptions. As far as the core fear, I have mixed feelings on that approach. True, it is best to focus on your core fear but the mere fact that it is your core fear should be an indication that it is the one fear that eludes you (remains subconscious) and therefore isn't at our awareness, which is the whole point of the enneagram in the first place. Often times we lean on our wings defenses or we can be in an unhealthy state or be healthy but be stressed in which your mbti does seem to present differently under great stress ...

whatever is the case I do believe you do have to have enough adult life to pass as well to be able to introspect your state of mind. I mean this for no other reason than much of your motivations (and personality) doesn't fully develop till the early twenties and so on. And so at the end of the day I guess my point is the enneagram 2 and 4 are very very very different despite their commonality, and I'm just not sure if I think anyone can have more than one core type.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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