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Enneagram 7 ENFP and risky comments

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I've noticed that a lot of enneagram 7 ENFP's say a lot of audacious comments. So if you are an Enneagram 7 ENFP, I'd like you to answer some questions for me...

  1. Do you say a lot of risky/audacious comments?
  2. Give some examples of your comments.
  3. What are people's reactions to your comments.
For me, I am an enneagram 7 ENFP, and I say very audacious comments. Here are some examples....

Me: So tell me about yourself.
Girl: I am a virgin, and wear this promise ring to symbolize the fact that I"m going to be celebate until marriage.
Me: Oh yeah?
Girl: That's right.
Me: I'm a born again virgin.
Girl: Reallly? That's great, you have made a vow of celebacy as well?
Me: No, I'm just broke with no car and no job and not getting laid.
Girl: That's horrible, you are a terrible person.
Me: No, I just believe you need to test drive a car before you buy it.

This woman was horrified by my comments, and told me that I was probably going to burn in hell.

Another conversation with another woman went like this:

Girl: Hey you have red hair right?
Me: Yeah, so what?
Girl: So do you have red hair all over, or is it black, or blonde, or whatever?
Me: Oh, it's red. Making love to me is like making love to Elmo. You'll love it baby.

This woman actually loved my comments and laughed her ass off.

**Note: If you have already posted some of your comments keep posting more. I'm going to try to make this thread as fun and amusing as possible.**
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I am a overemotional caring nice and stuffz person.
So no.

(lol boring answer)
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