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Enneagram 7 ENFP and risky comments

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I've noticed that a lot of enneagram 7 ENFP's say a lot of audacious comments. So if you are an Enneagram 7 ENFP, I'd like you to answer some questions for me...

  1. Do you say a lot of risky/audacious comments?
  2. Give some examples of your comments.
  3. What are people's reactions to your comments.
For me, I am an enneagram 7 ENFP, and I say very audacious comments. Here are some examples....

Me: So tell me about yourself.
Girl: I am a virgin, and wear this promise ring to symbolize the fact that I"m going to be celebate until marriage.
Me: Oh yeah?
Girl: That's right.
Me: I'm a born again virgin.
Girl: Reallly? That's great, you have made a vow of celebacy as well?
Me: No, I'm just broke with no car and no job and not getting laid.
Girl: That's horrible, you are a terrible person.
Me: No, I just believe you need to test drive a car before you buy it.

This woman was horrified by my comments, and told me that I was probably going to burn in hell.

Another conversation with another woman went like this:

Girl: Hey you have red hair right?
Me: Yeah, so what?
Girl: So do you have red hair all over, or is it black, or blonde, or whatever?
Me: Oh, it's red. Making love to me is like making love to Elmo. You'll love it baby.

This woman actually loved my comments and laughed her ass off.

**Note: If you have already posted some of your comments keep posting more. I'm going to try to make this thread as fun and amusing as possible.**
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Why stop making the risky comments? If those uptight SJs don't like it then they can go fuck themselves. There are going to be ballsy, audacious, and rulebreaking people in the world. Not everyone's gonna be a go by-the-book, by-the-rules person. In fact, there is great fun and excitement that comes from breaking rules. :wink:

However, as Electrical flOw stated, it is good to develop one's diplomatic skills for business situations and moments of great importance.
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