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So I took the Enneagram again today on a whim.

Like every time before it I've gotten 9 as my highest.

But I keep alternating between 4 and 7 as my second highest. They seem to be almost opposites, I honestly don't know much about the Enneagram typeology, so maybe i'm entirely missing the it more fluid that mbti?

reading over the types ... while I relate to both descriptions a lot...i relate more to the type 7 than 4. obviously the 9 fits me well.

Is this commom with Enneagram? it seems like it would be a weird mix to be a 9w7, 9w4 seems more natural and fitting for an INFP.

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You're right but the system doesn't work like that. Your wing is always adjacent to your main type - for 9 that is either 1 or 8. (9w1,9w8) Look at the circle, it's like a clock with 9 hours instead of 12.
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