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Enneagram type 1

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Lets see what we have in common because I don't really understand this Enneagram stuff.
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iv just tested as type one. Im an INFJ. Type 1 wing 2

Im a hard worker
Im an over achiver
Im hard on myself
I have strong morals
I always have a goal
I work for the greater good
I get anoyed if my acomplichments are not recognised
I care more that people are impressed by me than find me attractive, I demmand R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
I get anoyed if my deas are not taken serously
I dont like conflict
I am self diaplined
I am fair I do not descriminate
I beleive in freedom in all senes
I am very good at ethics
I always feel I could do better
I feel like I need to be better than others to be acepted
I fight for what I beleve in
I have opinions on everything
I can come across as nervous dreamy and detached, people are suprised that im very warm
Im messy
I dont care to control others they can do what they want
I have good self control
I scold myself when I lack control
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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