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Hey guys,
I finally bit the bullet and decided to create an account. I love seeing, studying, and understanding personalities. I hope that in the end it can give me to help others; but sometimes I do admit my zeal for it can come off as overly invasive (if I'm trying to understand another person.) Anywho, I've got a lovely girlfriend who's a 3w2 ESFP who helps out my overly analytical idealistic thinking with spontaneity and happiness.

It was actually her that finally brought me to the forum, because as much as she seemed like me in so many ways, suddenly there were other areas that were enigmatic and different (in a good way.)

So I'm here to chat, hopefully learn a few things... and as a counselor of sorts (ask if you must know) I also hope to help anyone that I can with any struggles, misunderstandings, or improvements they can. In the end it's always been the people I've "helped" that have actually helped me more in the long run.

Take Care
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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