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You're probably reading my sig. That is my tritype, with wings and my dominant instinctive variant.

The instinctive variant is what your main instinctive concern is.

The sexual variant (sx) is craves intense and intimate experiences, deep connection. It does not necessarily relate literally to sex.

The social variant (so) is pretty much just what it says. They crave interaction with others and like to participate in group activities and stuff like that.

The self-preservation variant (sp) is also pretty much just what it says. It's someone concerned with their own basic survival, security, and comfort.

Wings influence how a type manifests itself. It has to be the thing to either side of the type. So, my main type being 9, my wing could be an 8 or a 1. 9 is interested in maintaining peace/harmony in its life. 9w8 maintains peace (9) through power/assertion (8). 9w1 maintains peace (9) through perfectionism (1).

The tritype works by selecting one type from each of these kinds of types:
Heart: 2, 3, 4
Head: 5, 6, 7
Gut: 8, 9, 1

You list your tritype in order of the most dominant to least dominant in your personality.

So, when I write 9w1 sx - 7w6 - 4w5, what I am saying is:
9 is my main/gut type, with a 1 wing.
My instinctive variant is sexual.
My head type is 7, with a 6 wing.
My heart type is 4, with a 5 wing.

As far as your type, those tests aren't really very good. I recommend looking at the different types and gaining your own understanding of what they each represent yourself, and then looking at which you most identify with from each of these groups:
The Centers
Heart (2, 3, 4) - Characterized by shame (when losing sense of self).
2 - channels shame
3 - denies shame
4 - embraces shame
Head (5, 6, 7) - Characterized by anxiety/dread (when losing sense of self).
5 - anxiety about outer world, introverts
6 - anxiety most intense
7 - anxiety about inner world, extroverts
Gut/Body/Instinct (8, 9, 1) - Characterized by anger/rage (when losing sense of self).
8 - embraces anger
9 - denies anger
1 - channels anger
Withdrawn (4, 5, 9) - detached, introverted said:
The Withdrawn Types are balanced to prefer the thinking or feeling centers, and to be out of touch with the body, or doing center. They tend to underuse their bodies and avoid acting meaningfully in the world.

For example a Type 5 is overidentified with the thinking center, and uses their feeling center to support their thinking processes. Type 5s withdraw to protect themselves from the demands of people, and from the chaos in the external world.

Type 4, on the other hand, prefers the feeling center, and uses the thinking center and imagination to ramp up the intensity of feelings. Type 4s withdraw to protect their feelings and to live in their imaginary worlds.

Type 9 is in the center of the Instinctive Corner, and is therefore the most out of touch with the Doing Center. They may seem plenty busy, but since they have difficulty figuring out what is important for them to do, they spend a lot of time in time-wasting activities. Type 9s withdraw from conflict to protect their own sense of inner peace.
Compliant (1, 2, 6) - reactive
The Compliant Types are balanced to prefer the feeling and doing centers. They are compliant to the demands of the superego, and the most out of touch with their own quiet minds.

Type 1s, in the Instinctual Center, is extremely in touch with the superego messages of parents and sources of wisdom. They have taken on these messages as their own, and are on a mission to reform the world to the way it “should” be.

Type 2s, in the Heart Center, are driven by the superego message to be loving and helpful to others. Type 2s tend to “do their feelings.” Instead of feeling their feelings they immediately put them into action.

Type 6s, in the Thinking Center, are the most out of touch with their own thinking processes. Type 6s internalize all kinds of beliefs and messages from various sources, in order to protect their own security. Sixes have a variety of superego messages, and sometimes talk about having an “inner committee.”
Aggressive (3, 7, 8) - active, extroverted
The Aggressive Types are balanced to prefer the thinking or doing centers, and to be out of touch with the feeling center. There is a tendency to act without regard for emotions – their own and those of others.

Type 7, in the thinking center, prefers to live in the world of plans and activity, to avoid becoming trapped in their own pain. Type 7s are aggressive about meeting their own needs for stimulating activities.

Type 8, in the doing center, prefers action, and uses thinking as a support function. Type 8s like to make a big impact in the world through their actions.

Type 3, in the heart center, are the most out of touch with their feelings. Threes can set their feelings aside to aggressively pursue their goals.
Positive Outlook (2, 7, 9)
Competency (1, 3, 5)
Emotional Realness/Intensity (4, 6, 8)
It's really best if you just look at this page instead of me explaining it here.
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