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Enneagram Type and MBTI Type Compared (Statistics)

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Lately I have been trying to get people around PerC to explore the Enneagram forums. I started a few threads (i.e. Please Help) throughout all of the different MBTI forums. Among one of the comments that were left, someone left a list of statistics that was gathered from PerC via the community information (for more detail, click here.). I was greatly intrigued by the stats and took it upon myself to make a complete list.

MBTI and Enneagram, Unknowns Included:

MBTI and Enneagram, Unknown Personality: (click images to open original sizes)

MBTI and Enneagram, All Known: (click images to open original sizes)

Enneagram Types Common For Each MBTI Type: (click image to open original size)

This information was gathered on 19 January 2012 and is based off of the information that was provided from PerC users in their profiles. Please take into consideration of mistypes and the over representation of introverted users (who are more likely to be seen on these type of sites). I know there was already a chart with this information, but it was from 2010 (I believe). I thought an updated one would be nice.
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That's great stuff. Very interesting.
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