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Enneagram Type and MBTI Type Compared (Statistics)

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Lately I have been trying to get people around PerC to explore the Enneagram forums. I started a few threads (i.e. Please Help) throughout all of the different MBTI forums. Among one of the comments that were left, someone left a list of statistics that was gathered from PerC via the community information (for more detail, click here.). I was greatly intrigued by the stats and took it upon myself to make a complete list.

MBTI and Enneagram, Unknowns Included:

MBTI and Enneagram, Unknown Personality: (click images to open original sizes)

MBTI and Enneagram, All Known: (click images to open original sizes)

Enneagram Types Common For Each MBTI Type: (click image to open original size)

This information was gathered on 19 January 2012 and is based off of the information that was provided from PerC users in their profiles. Please take into consideration of mistypes and the over representation of introverted users (who are more likely to be seen on these type of sites). I know there was already a chart with this information, but it was from 2010 (I believe). I thought an updated one would be nice.
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New data collected on 27/11/2015

So, i did some stat collection/analysis with the same Advanced User Search function @Dalton used. I've been at it for a long time, and i am SO TIRED of it that i canNOT go through the entire thing and do another chart with the wings. Sorry, but you'll have to deal with only the 9 types :/

What i did was search up every single combination possible between the 27 Enneagram options and the 16 MBTI options. I added the number of people with wings onto the main type.

So if 355 INFPs are 4w3, then that 335 will go directly into the Type 4 column for INFP.

The chart below shows the percentages of each Enneagram type within each MBTI type.

So, 41.7 under ENFJ and Type 2 means that 41.7% of the ENFJs registered on PerC who have also filled out their Enneagram field, are Type 2, 2w1, or 2w3.

The Total column on the right side show how common each Enneagram type is in PerC, by percent.

You're more than welcome to give any suggestions or comment on which results surprised you, or just have a better view of it, here on Google Sheets.

This second chart shows the raw data, not percent, and the colours still show how many people of one Enneagram type are part of one MBTI type.

The link for that is here.

I'll organize the stats the other way round later...

Enjoy the updated info ^-^ and ur welcome haha


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This is currently also being brought up in the MBTI forum in this thread called "MBTI and Enneagram correlation", for those who are interested in seeing more charts. I won't repeat my perspectives on this again here.

Thanks for the data, @MessyJessie103! Nice work!
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@Dyslexicon no prob! I like stats, and i like organizing them in a way other people can understand/learn from. Glad you appreciate it :proud:
Correlations-wise, I think 5 gets sold as an INTJ type way, way too much. It's a trivial superifical typing, sure, especially insofar that many people who fancy themselves INTJ fancy themselves to be impartial and logical and whatnot. But I don't think it's the real thing much.

Consider David Daniels' keywords for the centers of intelligence, for example:

Thinking Center Key Words: Security, Safety, Certainty, Assurance, Predictability, and Opportunity.

At least for me, they don't do much. Certainty and opportunity, maybe a bit. But overall it's a resounding "meh".
They don't seem like very Ni-Te-Fi-Se things, to me, in a general sense.

Heart Center Key Words: Love, Connection, Affection, Bonding, Image, and Approval

Connection, Affection, Love, Bonding? Don't really fit the typical NTJ image from the greats and theory. Personally, it's getting there, but something's a smidge wro-

Body Center Key Words: Worth, Congruence, Protection, Comfort, Harmony, and Belonging

Oh my fucking god fireworks. Worth. Yess. Congruence and belonging absolutely nail those tingles from earlier. The part somewhere in the back of my head that's intrigued by the spiritual is after congruence and harmony with the world, a sense of belonging in it.

More interesting than little old me, though, is the words Worth and Congruence, especially as they contrast to the words describing Thinking Center mentality. Now, look at many typical INTJ exemplars. How many of them are after some kind of security or safety? I'd say surprisingly few. You see the kind of "thought we can rely on" type pattern a lot more with the NTPs. Very 5w6 stuff. But not very NTJ. Just look at the page. A quest of worth, a desire for congruence all over the place, a bias for action.

I'd campaign for 1w9 as the default INTJ type over the current 5.
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SO GLAD to know that I'm not the only INFP that isn't a type 4.
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