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This is kind of a mix of what I've seen in the old movie and the new one.

Bill Denbrough: I can't really peg Bill, I wanna say he's a healthy 6 maybe wing 7?
Beverly Marsh: I've seen a lot of stuff about Bev being a 4, but
Ben Hanscom: Probably a 4 with the poem and the reading.
Mike Hanlon: Either a 9 or a 2 as he is the one that stays in Derry to make sure IT doesnt come back
Richie Tozier: Definitely a 7w8
Eddie Kaspbrak: Some kind of 6 probably with a 5 wing--lots of anxiety.
Stanley Uris: I wanna say like a 9 because there is a lot of denial and escapism.

Henry Bowers: Maybe an 8, but also he's got an interesting relationship with his father at least in the new one
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