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Trityping myself is driving me just as crazy as when I first found out about enneagram.

I know my tritype starts with 7w8.

The middle is either 8w9 or 9w8.

And the end is either 3w4 or 4w5.

And I cannot for the life of me figure out the differences between them that fit me the most.

7w8 9w8 3w4 is what I've resigned myself as for the time-being, but I feel kind of off with 793.
In order from most likely to least likely of what I am, it's the same with these:
7w8 8w9 3w4 - 783
7w8 8w9 4w5 - 784
7w8 9w8 4w5 - 794 (I've also just never been able to find a good description of this variation of this particular tritype)

It's somewhat frustrating because I feel like I have traits from all of them.

If any ENTPs, 7w8s, or anyone in general could give me some feedback on what their thoughts of these are, it'd be really appreciated.
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