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Mister van Gaal is an ENTJ. He has some issues with journalism. Here is a dutch journalist and van Gaal to state his opinion (with subtitles when the interview starts).

Translation of the Dutch before the interview:

Louis van Gaal does not only know what the best is for his player, he also want to educate the journalists of 'behind the line'.

"He has a conflict with the makers of the program and therefore he does not want to talk with them this season anymore. Next season he will consider it again."

'The Pers' (ed. dutch free paper) wants to prevent this and asks some advice to Louis.

Next his temper:

Translation script:

LVG: Are you stupid, ted van leeuwen, are you so stupid, or not? Did I not start off this interview by saying that I need to defend the interests of Ajax (ed. soccer club in the Netherlands)? Did I not start off by saying that we have understandings with our players ? Why do you ask these questions then? Am I the one that is smart or are you stupid? I have an understanding with my players, you see. And who gives the right to say something about the players, when these players do not want this?!

Ted: Well, I am not.

LVG: Oh oh oh... In my perspective, I have given a crystal clear explanation. But now I am the arrogant asshole, the authorative asshole. But it are all stupid questions. Of you and Chris. You have to ask to Theo van [...], not me.

Ted: My only intention was to ask what the difference is between... [interrupted]

LVG: Oh well, if you do not understand. Excuse me. Stop it all. I have explained well. You may write everything down. You may give your comments. Fine by me.


LVG: Unbelievable...

Presenter: Is there someone with another question?


LVG: Good. Do you want to ask something?

Man: No I do not dare to ask something anymore.

A video of soccer when a penalty had to be given, but was not. See what he does.

What do you think? Can you relate?
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