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ENTJ male and INFJ female - How does it work?

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I am very eager to find out how you ENTJ males perceive INFJ females? Did you ever consider them weak for not always expressing their opinion or inadequate because of lack of Te that domineers you? Do you feel like you master over them or are they too mysterious and rebellious for you? Please tell me experiences. I know an ENTJ male and am curious about the general idea.
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Goodness! I wouldn't know one personally, but I can use famous INFJs as an example. Rooney Mara is very beautiful actress. Right off the bat I can tell that she's introverted. She just has that look. I love these quotes about her: "I'm kind of obsessive and a perfectionist." And, "I'm someone who overthinks everything and really needs to investigate every part of something before I'm ready to do it."

However, I dislike this quote by her: "It's easy to let people walk all over you ... because you don't want to be difficult." You have to be the person who wants to take charge and tell the world to screw themselves. I'm sorry but it's hard to see myself as a "nice guy." Rooney sounds like a nice girl, but her introverted and feelings are very alien to me. Carey Mulligan is another cute INFJ.

Anyway I can say that INFJ females are a very rare breed of women. On one hand I like they can very structured, imaginative, and creative, but on the other hand they're too reflective, reserved, and emotional when it comes to people. It would be interesting going on a date with one, just to see if we click.
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