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I lived with an ENTJ for a year, but I have not dated one.

She was a good person and we got along quite well, though she was certainly insensitive at times when she probably should be empathetic/sensitive. She would have trouble understanding the desire for people to belong to the group (so basically had trouble understanding the drive for Fe). She would also get very frustrated with people's lack of open-mindedness, lack of drive for self-growth, and focus on details. This is where we met and understood each other well because we both felt that way via Ni. Yet, she would always need her external environment consistent and structured, which was tough for me at times to know when to "stay out of her way".(Te). But I mean with me being an introvert it was easy for me to maintain that independence and not get in the way of her driven structured routine (if that makes sense).

We also lived with an ESFJ and my ENTJ roommate would get frustrated with her a lot (probably more so than me) because of her constant desire to do things with others, dependence, sensitivity, focus on details, desire to "be in charge" of the living environment, etc. etc.
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