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ENTP and intelligence

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Help me to understand this correctly. Could one say that ENTP`s are seen as the visionaries and intellectual because of their ability to make decisions based on logic?

My second question is: Does it therefore mean that all of the ENTP´s posting in this forum are Mensa material with IQ´s above 132-134??

I am not here to compare peoples IQ but I can say right now that I do not have a Mensa-membership-IQ-level (even if I suspect my IQ is above the 85 percentile). In addition I do not enjoy mathematics or physics even if I did quite well in other forms of science (e.g. chemistry, biochemistry, pathophysiology).

Sometimes I suspect grades in elementary schoold/upper seocondary school were in some part related to short attention span and the lack of interest in boring details. In addition, once you get the point, why repeat the same stuff over again when there is so much other interesting things to explore?!

Pretty new in this forum. Any comments to a curious mind?
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Well you see, 70% of the world is not educated. So no matter how good the percent is , one must understand that in the rest 30% the iq is a lot higher. so being in the 3 top per cent makes you one in ten people of educated countries... that's not all that special.
Well it's a conception that is created by all tests that say "You're withing X % of population" . Population is the whole humankind.I'm sleepy buhbye!
"The stupid quote quotes, the smart coin them" - don't really remember, but it's fun to post it everywhere:D although it does make me one of you
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
- Albert Einstein

I stand corrected:dry:
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