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So, have any of you ever tried to work creatively with an ENFP?

I've imagined that working with one of my ENFP friends would go fairly well...

However it is my other ENFP friend who is always trying to do some sort of creative project with me and I simply can't work with him. He's all over the place...we can literally be sitting there talking about one thing and he will skip to something that is so out of touch with what we are talking about that I lose interest.

and I can't have him help me with any of me creative projects because he immediately seems to want to change crucial parts of my work without even really questioning why I decided to do something the way I did in the first place.

and for some reason I imagine ENFP's to be highly original but all he ever seems to want to do is take something already existing and do something predicatable with it like take the song "Super Freak" and make a youtube video out of it called "Super Geek".....(rolls eyes).....I don't think i've heard one interesting idea come out of his mouth yet.
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