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Hello everyone. I'm new here which probably won't t help to much typing me but none the less I do like to get some opinions still.
I've taken the tests online and cognitive ones also.
Usually I score entp or istp and sometimes intp. It's confusing.
I always thought of myself as a introvert but family and friends would say otherwise. I like to be in my head and I'm not a big fan of people. However I'm very talkative when it's around close friends or I feel I need to speak up for something. I'm good at holding my own in groups when hanging out or one on one.
My fiance is a INTP she says I'm exhausting to be around sometimes cause of my energy and need to talk. We get a long great but she is the one who's pointed it out how and why I'm extraverted.
Somethings about me.
-like to debate. I've been called a devil's advocate since I was a kid and loved debating in general.
-get things done. I like to get and finish things quickly.
-im loud apparently
-easy way to annoy me is to be micro managed and rules. I tend to challenge things and bend rules when I feel like it.
-fiery temper and impatient...I am working on this but I get heated easy but I'm also very passionate.
-i tend to be active by working out or always doing something even if it's video games.
-i like to read...history,fantasy,sci-fi,horror,biographies.
-humor is sarcastic dry normally. Witty
-im into computers.
-i don't go out of my way to fix things but can if needed.
-i consider myself geeky as I play magic the gathering dungeons and dragons a lot. I'm usually in my head thinking of fantasy lore,movies music. I like to write.
-rational and direct. I don't like beating around the bush.
-i like to solve problems especially challenging ones.
-i like joking around. Only serious when I really have to be.
-trial and error when learning.
-im a good salesman
-see things for how they are
-get bored very easily. Interrupt people who bore me.
-i analyze everything.
-dumb people annoy me and I have no patience for them. I have to walk away or I'll say something.
-messy. Absent minded apparently.
-get side tracked easily
Myself I felt entp but I'm not a inventor type of person

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I believe this would suit you:

7. The Extraverted Sensation Type
No other human type can equal the extraverted sensation-type in realism. His sense for objective facts is extraordinarily developed. His life is an accumulation of actual experience with concrete objects, and the more pronounced he is, the less use does he make of his experience. In certain cases the events of his life hardly deserve [p. 458] the name 'experience'. He knows no better use for this sensed 'experience' than to make it serve as a guide to fresh sensations; anything in the least 'new' that comes within his circle of interest is forthwith turned to a sensational account and is made to serve this end. In so far as one is disposed to regard a highly developed sense for sheer actuality as very reasonable, will such men be esteemed rational. In reality, however, this is by no means the case, since they are equally subject to the sensation of irrational, chance happenings, as they are to rational behaviour.

Such a type does not, of course, believe himself to be 'subject' to sensation. He would be much more inclined to ridicule this view as altogether inconclusive, since, from his standpoint, sensation is the concrete manifestation of life -- it is simply the fullness of actual living. His aim is concrete enjoyment, and his morality is similarly orientated. For true enjoyment has its own special morality, its own moderation and lawfulness, its own unselfishness and devotedness. It by no means follows that he is just sensual or gross, for he may differentiate his sensation to the finest pitch of esthetic purity without being the least unfaithful, even in his most abstract sensations, to his principle of objective sensation.

Upon the lower levels this is the man of tangible reality, with little tendency either for reflection or commanding purpose. To sense the object, to have and if possible to enjoy sensations, is his constant motive. He is by no means unlovable; on the contrary, he frequently has a charming and lively capacity for enjoyment; he is sometimes a jolly fellow, and often a refined esthete.
Extraverted Sensation, or Se, is the dominant function of ESTP (and ESFP, which is currently irrelevant). It would seem to me you are geared to this plane, not just based on the provided facts about yourself, but how you interpret them. It seems you engage things very tangibly and actively... realistically, as you mention, disdaining 'dumb people'!... and I think the above is something you would find agreeable, even impressive as a skill set and capability.

ESTP and ISTP are not worlds apart, and are essentially the same creature except at extremes... so if you are damned certain you are an Introvert, then I think that choice is yours. Either way, I think _STP is the accurate assessment!
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