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Okay, so here goes...
I recently found out that I am an ENTP... woop woop. I just have a question, (or two, or three, or four... lol jk) for all the ENTP earthlings out here in the cafe, (sipping on their Latte, Mocha, or some Starbucks drink) lol. But seriously:

I don't really think of myself as an exonerated person, i am shy based on past experiences and things i went through at a young age. I had to move from one country to another, new place, no people.. just new everything. It was kind of a slap in the face.

But, as i am growing older, i feel myself breaking out of the shell that i built. I can feel it crumbling little by little, and i envision myself stepping around the walls i surrounded myself and becoming a different person. Now, im not saying im this overly confident person who says what ever pops in their mind, (although i wish). But, i can feel myself changing.

So what im really asking is, do any of you ever felt like this? or possibly is being shy one of the chracteristics of an ENTP?

P.S. Sorry for the Essay i just wrote,
My deepest apologies. :)
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