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For the longest time, I thought I was an ENTP for sure. Recently though, I'm beginning to think I may be an ENFP. I was raised by ISTJ and INTP parents…both heavily favoring T, and I feel like this may have impacted my personality growing up. I'd really appreciated any feedback you have! thanks!!

I'm very good at noticing subtle inconsistencies / contradictions in things people tell me.
I love making fun of everything, especially myself. I constantly tell my friends stories about something stupid I did.
If I find out that someone doesn't like me or said bad things about me, I immediately start to hate them.
The only type of movies / TV shows I really like are ones where I can identify with the main characters. I don't like action or sci-fi.
I never really know what I'm feeling.
I hate disappointing people or making people feel bad. I'd rather be uncomfortable or sacrifice something in order to protect someone's feelings.
I hate watching people get hurt. All those America's Home Videos where people fell and got hurt always made me cringe, not laugh.
I hate being alone.
I love emotionally charged songs with really emotional lyrics because of how they make me feel
I have a desperate need to be liked by everyone.
I always feel like people are talking about me.
I cry easily in movies.
I love arguing for fun, and I love to feel like I've won. However, I also realize when arguing becomes pointless and try to stop it at that point, especially if other people are annoyed by it, whereas my ENTJ friend will just keep going and going with it.
In arguments, I typically exaggerate everything to make a point. I'd rather people get the point of what I'm saying rather than be completely accurate.
I'm pretty sensitive to criticism and don't take it very well.
I love analyzing people and figuring out who they are and how they think.
I get really awkward around people who I want to impress or people who I want to like me.
I constantly compare myself with others, an am EXTREMELY competitive.
I always idealize the person I'm dating, completely focusing on their strengths and ignoring their weaknesses.
I naturally write very formally and love finding the perfect way to subtly describe what I want to say. I hate sloppy writing.
I can be very insensitive/mean to people who I know will love me no matter what (like my family).
I love giving advice to my friends, and they often come to me with their problems. I usually try and give them advice on how to solve their personal problems, but when I realize they just need someone to listen, I will just sit and listen without trying to "fix" the issue.
I'm not very ethical (I've lied and stolen in the past), although I do have some very strong opinions about certain things that I value.
My friends are my entire world, and I spend most of my time thinking about / talking about the people I love.
I really want other people to think I'm smart, but I'd be very disappointed if they thought I was ONLY smart, and not warm, friendly, and likeable.
I'm definitely an optimist.
I'm really gullible and always believe what people tell me.
My personality always adjusts to be more like the person I'm talking to, and I immediately absorb the emotions of the room. If the person I'm talking to is sad, I feel it to.
I suck at flirting, and physical contact of any kind
I'm going to med school next year, and although I know I'll love being a doctor, I really only did it because I'd never be happy having a regular job that "anyone" could do. I want people to hear that I'm a doctor and say "wow, you're really smart." Otherwise, I would have loved being a college/career counselor, helping people discover who they are and what they want to do with their lives.

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From the description, I'd say you sound really ENFP-like (・◡ ・)

You mentioned that you are very in-tune with the feelings of others and emotional complexity in general, and that's where I would peg it.
And it sounds like yur balancing your desire for meaning/knowledge by your standards as well as trying to maintain good relations/be seen as a genuine person, who you truly are. ENFP's can tend to be kinda conflicted that way.

I know an ENTP, and she is a very social, friendly, and witty person to be around.
But, she does weigh more on facts and issues, and not so much on feelings and atmosphere.
I can identify with almost everything you've listed in yur OP...but that's just my opinion, I could be off the mark, try speaking to ENFP's or ENTP's you know in real life and see which one(s) you can identify more readily with! :happy:

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I know an ENTP really really well, and I've done some extensive research on the types. I believe you're an ENTP. See, ENTPs aren't labeled as Thinking because they're not emotional (they are, as you describe yourself, personally emotional and want to be liked), somewhat opposite, but because they don't concider others' feelings. They enjoy debate for several reasons, one of them being that they don't account for what others may feel, ony for their own competitive satisfaction that they won. Sooo, I'd say you're ENTP. XD Congrates; it's an interesting type.
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