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From the description, I'd say you sound really ENFP-like (・◡ ・)

You mentioned that you are very in-tune with the feelings of others and emotional complexity in general, and that's where I would peg it.
And it sounds like yur balancing your desire for meaning/knowledge by your standards as well as trying to maintain good relations/be seen as a genuine person, who you truly are. ENFP's can tend to be kinda conflicted that way.

I know an ENTP, and she is a very social, friendly, and witty person to be around.
But, she does weigh more on facts and issues, and not so much on feelings and atmosphere.
I can identify with almost everything you've listed in yur OP...but that's just my opinion, I could be off the mark, try speaking to ENFP's or ENTP's you know in real life and see which one(s) you can identify more readily with! :happy:
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