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Every time I take the MBTI I get a different result. Every other time I get ENTP or ESFP... I've been looking at the negative attributes of both (because it's hard to look at a positive attribute and say it's not you)... And I'm very strongly both... However, I feel like that's a paradox and I can't be NT and SF... Just I can't... That doesn't work does it?
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Hey, I'm an ENTP dating an ESFP so I'll throw my hat in the ring... :p
1) What kind of things do you enjoy doing?
2) What do you want to do in the future?
3) When in a bad mood, do you tend to be more moody and prefer your own space or critical and prefering to argue?

I think I might be able to work it out from those...also have you considered doing a personality test and answering the opposite way from what you really think? seems like an accurate way of doing it as I came out a very strong ISFJ haha :)
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