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Every time I take the MBTI I get a different result. Every other time I get ENTP or ESFP... I've been looking at the negative attributes of both (because it's hard to look at a positive attribute and say it's not you)... And I'm very strongly both... However, I feel like that's a paradox and I can't be NT and SF... Just I can't... That doesn't work does it?
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The descriptions for the MBTI types tend to be generalizations, guesses, and examples of people of those types. It's not surprising at all that you see parts of yourself in each one as they're designed to appeal to a wide range of people who share a similar way of interpreting the information they have of the world.
Most of the descriptions you'll find are how each type is expected to act. After all, what I've gathered is that the Myers Briggs test is only really looking at how you perceive and process the world. What you do with that information is up to you.

I know how difficult it can be to decide on MBTI personality based pages only. Heck, after reading the ENFP and ESFP pages I found an equal ammound of things I agreed and disagreed on with both. I recommend looking at the cognitive functions.
You'll probably want to compare these ones in particular, just scan the article here until you find the parts on these functions.
Ti = xxTP
Fi = xxFP
Ne = xNxP
Se = xSxP

So if you find that, for example, you believe that you use more Ti rather than Fi and Se rather than Ne, then you could assume that you were a ESTP.
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