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I am pretty sure Im one of the two but I'm confused with the order of the functions and certain things don't fit me but I am not sure whether it is normal not to fit every stereotype or maybe I am actually not that type. I will describe where the descriptions do not exactly fit me and if it indicates that I am not that type.


I don't take risks( only when I have like adrenaline rush) It's cause I worry a lot if something goes wrong and only if I am surrounded by security seeking people I will try to do the opposite and therefore take risks when someone least expects it.
I'm not good with words. Everything sounds great in my head and when I am about to talk its like word vomit. ( I am getting better with time though)
I am quite stable ( in general I do desire change and I get bored easily but I won't change something just for the sake of it I will think of its consequences)
I am competitive but I hate competing because I hate to lose.
I can be very responsible and individualistic.
I care about people's opinions as it helps me understand their perception and possibly have a better view of reality but I don't base my life on it. In comparison to most of my friends I would say Im the second one that is careless. ( I do care but my decisions and life choices are not based on that).
I'm not a troll ( I do make fun of my friends if I know them very well but thats all)


Im not completely oblivious. I can understand people's motives and I tend to be good at reading people that i find interesting. ( Intp are known to be oblivious to these things and I was wondering whether I developed a function or whether this indicates that I am not an INTP)

I am not that smart- it is very stereotypical ( and a very stupid reason) but INTPs are known to be good with studies. I am a jack of all trades but master of none. I know I can be good at it if I put enough effort but I'm just lazy and I dont like specializing I want to know everything I just can't chose what I like more or what is more valuable to learn.

I'd rather be a leader than a follower. The reason I would reject leadership is because I give up easily and I don't like to be bound by responsibility something better might show up and I want to be free to take that opportunity. From what I've observed INTPs don't want leadership ( or the majority) and I think it's because they care about their projects more than leading others. ( please correct me if its not the case).

I have a lot of friends and I don't seem geeky at all. In general I've been told by friends I look like an extrovert but my family thinks im an introvert.( my family is : ( ENTJ,ESFP,ESFP,ESFJ,ESFJ) ).

I look more organised than I actually am. My friends think Im very organised my family thinks Im the definition of messy.

Which one do you think I suit best ? Is there any further information required ?
Thank you :)
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