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hi i'm new to personality cafe and i've tested as ENTP on a lot of tests except for the big five where i've been INTP.

I'm pretty sure that i'm NTP, just not sure where i am on introversion vs extroversion.
On tests i usually score about 15 to 30 percent more E than I, but i seem to identify just as well with the INTP description as with the ENTP one.

So....... here's a little about me.

1. I like hanging out with fiends although I might equally enjoy staying at home reading some interesting book or watching a movie.

2. I hate the rigor of formal social situations and try to lighten the mood a little by doing weird things like tapping glasses with forks and knives during dinners

3. Parties are ok as long as they aren't too loud and wild.I'm never the "let's roll, bitches" guy, but play the role of entertaining a group of friends with some witty observation or story.

4. I enjoy being alone as long as there is something interesting to think about or do.I can spend hours along if I find some stimulating puzzle to think about.

5. At school I play a rather double faced role.All the teachers know me as a brilliant student, almost a role model for others.I don't display the argumentativeness of the ENTP at school and just accept whatever the teacher says while knowing in my head what the truth is.I generally play the role of the brainiac although I turn into the comedian when talking to friends.

6. I'm rather adventurous and have often broken school rules etc, just for the fun of doing so and take pride in having never being caught.

7. When talking to strangers i'm introverted and just answer the questions and act uninterested.

8. I love being unconventional and sometimes do stuff to see how people react.

9. I'm good at public speaking and have won a lot of awards for this and am on the school debating team.

10. I also love maths and i've won international awards on olympiads.

11. Creative writing is another one of my talents.

12. Whenever I meet social situations where the tension is high between two people I'm usually the guy to drop some witty comment and lighten the mood.

13. I can read people very very well and sometimes even predict their behavior.

14. I'm told that i'm a great actor and storyteller although i don't particularly like the second one.

15. I tend to avoid many social occasions if I can help it although when i do attend them I feel energized and happy.

16. Other people have typed me on mbti and both my dad and my brother who are istj and intj respectively place me as an ENTP.My mum(ESFJ) puts me down as an INTP as do my ESFP friends although my introverted friends consider me ENTP.

17. I value ideas more than logic and hold everything I know as tentative truth.

18. My memory is weird in the sense that I cannot recollect whole chunks of important events but can remember flashes of unimportant memories(like losing a cap,etc).

19. I love watching comedy shows like Seinfeld, Blackadder and Monty Python when i'm free.

20. I like arguing but I don't have the argument craze that the mbti description makes out.I know well enough how my arguments will be received by someone and will hold off if I think it would be socially inappropriate.

21. I feel socially awkward even with close friends when I'm alone with one of them but if it's a trio or more I feel a lot more relaxed because the burden of conversation doesn't fall on me.

22. I really like spending my time just randomly surfing the internet for interesting stuff.

23. I'm often thought of as shy and backward by people who don't know me.

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The sheer fact that you can write 23 things about yourself suggests you are (much more likely to be) an ENTP.

... and you are in an INFJ forum, why?

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I'm not an expert on any of this but judging by the things you listed you sound more like an ENTP. If your friends and family describe you as charismatic than you are most likely an ENTP.

Also try taking a cognitive functions MBTI test if you haven't already. Those go more in depth about whether you are dominantly extroverted or not.

Hope I could help!

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@Johnny English Sounds more like an ENTP to me. Especially things like No2. I've yet to see an INTP do that, but hey, you might be the first.

Not all extraverts are these massive spontaneous talkers to new people. ENTP are often described as the most introvert of the extraverts, so don't let yourself be swayed by this "i like being alone sometimes, so i might not be an extravert"
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