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I need to fully understand a problem before
acting on it (relating them to a theory or finding
patterns on its behavior), when i know how it
works i always want to change it to serve to my
laziness (for example a software that makes
everything for me). Sometimes i want solitude
because people are boring and simple and "like
bees" (and they are not gonna pay me attention
and im not gonna beg for their attention neither)
but then i become bored and end up talking to
strangers and inviting a homeless to eat because
i dont want to eat alone. I always come up with
ideas but then (because i'm lazy) i end up
thinking of them of not necessary at the moment,
leaving them on blueprints and moving to
something else. I always end up surprising
myself because of realizing that i know
something that i didnt knew that i knew, or that
i thought that would be harder to master.
Somedays i talk very much and i'm very sociable
and cheerful, but somedays i dont wanna know
of people and i'm cynical and hurtful. I do not
concentrate (except maybe on videogames) and i
miss details (i was looking for a juice all around
the place and it ends up appearing just before
my nose, just i didn't saw it) and i'm losing stuff
very often. I hate losing an argument and giving
others the wining hand when i know that i'm

So what do you think. Intp or entp.
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