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*clears throat*

*cues drum and light dimming*

Eyyyyyyyyyyyye don't give a fuck;
should that duck on the truck
to his doom;
Eyyyyyye will not be
moved along in the game of Life
no Hasbro
over here.
cuz eyyyyyyyye just don't

you just blew my mind Daddy-o!
you just threw babies off the balcony, making me feel a squares like I got zonked on the head
keep it up baby! you're making ways like a mowing machine!

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Surround yourself with great people
that striving for things that aint for the feeble
minded, don't be blinded, what's that that worth 1000 words?
this picture bigger than the earth,expanding mind like the universe
sublime thoughts deep enough to submerge the system
solar, wisdom, polar , visions
my team chasing a dream that can't be seen when we sleep
peep the scene dream team and we balling we fist
for bliss, we aint running from that kiss from death
what's a hearse? just the birth of reincarnation
I am a phoenix in this age of (mis)information
chasing inflammation across the nation
feel my energy! these godly vibrations
citation? THC KAO$
not the meaning you perceiving but i leave you leaning like pisa
i could write a mona lisa but i working on my visa
I am a G, never OD, F what you believe
headless chickens running around happily deceived
KFC when i hit these nails like I'm thor
riding astral planes easier than driving a car
reactions solid like chains blood in my veins refused to be tamed
i like being the weakest link on my team, call me bruce wayne
martian manhunter thriving in the middle of he fears
proving charles darwin right every second
don't blink or ya miss it old me evanescent
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