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What are you first impressions of an ENTP? I'm just wondering what everyone here thinks the same as I do of them.
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I get along with them well. They're really funny to me and with most I know, we have the same sense of humor. They somehow know how to put me at ease.
Hm... I have one ENTP friend. He mostly seems to take the opinion that the world revolves around him, except he doesn't express so in such a rude and direct manner. More like he just isn't as considerate as some people I know. He's a nice person, and he's fun to hang out with, but generally there isn't much room for emotional topics. He wants to talk logic and fun.

My impression of him is that he's fun, but I wouldn't consider him to be a deep friend.
I love ENTPs.

Although they do seem to be a bit self centred at times, they're good when you're in 'dude mode' and just hanging out. Always amusing and can have some good arguments with them.
My best friend in elementary school was an ENTP but we met at the age of 5 so it's hard to recall my first impressions of him :D

The first impression of my current ENTP boyfriend "Oh, there's a guy I could fall for but nah... I'm gonna go to library and give myself to books and learning." And the second impression of him "Omg, we've been talking for hours. I've been myself completely during this conversation and he still hasn't run away. I gotta have this guy!"

And then my first impressions of a third ENTP: laid-back, nice, nerdy, hard to say if he's introverted or extroverted.
they piss me off sooo much
taken from a post I made in another thread here
I know 4 ENTP's (they all have personality disorders... go figure) and I've noticed that they have an extremely hard time admitting when they're wrong and will tell you that you're wrong for argument's sake. These are two things that bother me VERY much. Actually, the latter isn't too bad if you could simply clarify that you're making the argument for argument's sake, otherwise it just gets awkward and pointless.

My last girlfriend is an ENTP and she always poked fun at me when I was feeling vulnerable, which was funny at first because I have to laugh at myself sometimes, but when I tried to do the same to her she would get extremely defensive and attack me verbally. Don't dish it out if you can't take it in return.
I have an ENTP teacher - drives me insane.
My friends also have a friend who's an ENTP - she's full of energy, and very mature and confident, but she intrigues me.
They seem to have unlimited supplies of energy - they seem almost hyper. I don't know how they can even have that much energy. They're extremely clever, but also quite insensitive.

I always get the feeling that they are analyzing my every action. It's like they can read me like a book.
My boyfriend is an ENTP and I think he is awesome. I'm pretty sure he is the only one I know.
He makes me do this: :laughing:. He's funny, caring, confident, out-going, care-free, affectionate, fun, spontaneous and independent. So far I am a fan ENTPs and I don't think they deserve the reputation of being insensitive assholes that they seem to have.
Truth. Not to use it against you, but to try and understand you, figure out how you tick, to observe your dynamic with other people. At least this is what I do. I love watching people interact, discovering their motives and being able to explain to others exactly why someone does what they do. Often times in defense of that person too.
I always get the feeling that they are analyzing my every action. It's like they can read me like a book.
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I totally fell for an ENTP girl once. I was crazily infatuated with her. I used to think it was love. I don't know what it was about her; I wanted her so badly. It was like, she knew all the right words to say to win my heart over. Once we started getting to know each other well, though, it was hard for me to get what I wanted out of her. I was probably too lovey-dovey for her. ENTPs aren't very romantic people.

We still talk from time to time. I'm still crazy about her, but am convinced a relationship between us wouldn't work.
I like to *watch them* kick booty online -- as long as it's not me. :crazy:
I think a lot of professors at my university are xNTPs. I love 'em. Online I tend to notice I get a kick out of xNTP humor. *shrugs*
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