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I am curious and eager to find out more about ENTP's...
I have always seen myself as an ENTP and was originally an ENTP...
Although, after recently doing a test it came up with ENFJ...

I know you do not necessarily have to be wholly E, N, T or P but I am just curious in what makes an ENTP.

- I do karate and play many sports
- I enjoy drawing and art
- I enjoy discussing art concept and the possible meaning of the piece
- I enjoy video games
- I am am not afraid to speak and defend my beliefs, but I also like listening to other peoples opinions.
- I try and do accept other peoples beliefs (even if they differ to mine)
- I enjoy helping people out (and don't need anything in return)
- I try look at a situation from all angles
- I am a good listener
- I will go out of my way (as long as I feel I am not being used)
- I don't necessarily feel sad when others are sad but I feel obliged to help in some way
- I find that I know how people will react and know what to say when
- I never get in trouble
- I have hardly ever had a fight with a friend ( and if I have only for 1 day )
- I do not take stuff or ask favours from people I do not like ( but I don't "hate" many people)
- I enjoy a challenge
- I don't set unobtainable goals but I do like to push myself
- Even though I find I am surrounded by my "friends" I find I only have 1 or 2 true friends that I trust.
- I find that I do not have to do anything yet I notice people seem to act as friend towards me
(even if I do not consider them mine)
- I am independent
- I like my privacy
- I don't mind talking to strangers, but I always have my guard up
- I am content in being alone and doing things by myself
- I am pretty straight to the point, but if a decision has to be made I try to look at a few options and pick the best one.
- I hate being late to events (whether for friends or functions)
- I like mystery and puzzles ( but not mathematical )
- I like discussing topics on life and why people act the way they do
- I enjoy talking about dreams and their meanings (if any)
- I hate things that are cliche and soppy ( both in movies and in life)
- I enjoy a good comedy movie
- I enjoy action, thriller, sci fi (Inception / Shutter Island/ Ergo Proxy)
- I find I can forgive but never forget
- I am quite hard on myself to be the best
- I am quite practical and good at improvisation
- I find I can't talk about my feelings
- I find that even though I have all these "friends" I do not miss them at all.
- I can't say: 'I love you' or ' I miss You' because it is awkward, especially if you don't mean it.
- I find I never get my hopes up fully so I do not get hurt when plans fail
- I have a feeling that I have a bit of an ego (secretly)
- I cherish my reputation for some reason
- I hate crying etc. (especially in public)
- I hate being weak / looking weak
- I don't get stressed on the day of a test
- I don't get bogged down when things don't go as planned
- I don't like being organised (I like having my event planned but loosely)

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Its also useful to not look only at the output (actions) and "the what", but to look deeply inwards and understand "the why".
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