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ENTPs: a horrid affliction

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Do all ENTPs fall off of horses and get paralyzed? Cause I know Cole Porter and Christopher Reeve did.

I am going to provide a theory based on cognitive functions that explains this phenomena, that is, after y'all respond.
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I have met lots of people who have fallen off horses and done themselves harm. Most of them are stupid people, who have had no concept that riding a horse might be dangerous, and a sense of gross injustice that they have had an accident which might do them lasting harm. Once they have got over the bitterness and attempting to blame their misfortune on the people treating them, their next question is generally when they can get back on the horse.
I haven't polled their personality types, but I'm doubting there are many ENTPs among them.

Obviously the ones who get paralysed don't ask about getting back on the horse, so maybe that's a subgroiup.....:crazy:

*Apologies to the horse-lovers out there. It's been a long day at work.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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