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:::::::::::::::::::::::::::warning:::::::::this is a rant:::::::::::::::::::::

After a long day i make it a priority to take time alone to recharge, renew or else I feel drained and irritable. going thru cycles of introversion lol other people probably see me as erratic but it's not that i dislike my friends and family it's part of my biology I crave alone time haha i actively seek it out because it relaxes me i guess it's a meditation. People who know me have come to accept this part of me lol well at least the good ones :wink:The moon phases really affect me as well lol
Recently I've been into been utilizing sound frequencies as meditation recently.
I experience my senses as sensitive to color, shape, sound, light all are important to me.
noticing patterns within and without ---i wonder if this is Fi expressing itself by being aware of the undercurrents1 and attaching meaning?

who ever is reading this thank you for taking the time to do so, i appreciate it means a lot <3

i'll stop now i'm getting all mushy lol
take care

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