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ENTx, xSTP or ISTJ? Help me type this person

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I need help typing someone -- he is definitely a "T" but I really can't figure out the other cognitive functions. This is strange for me, because i usually have a good knack at figuring out people's types. I think I've almost ruled out him being an ISTJ, because two of my closest friends are ISTJ, and I don't see the parallels. At the same time, I haven't completely ruled this out, because I'm leaving into consideration the fact that I don't know him that well enough yet, there are some parallels, and he is older than the other ISTJs I know. So right now, it's a toss up for ENTx, xSTP and ISTJ. I listed some observations below. Thanks in advance for your help!

- Maverick
- Ivory tower
- Hedonistic (life is short and happiness is what we are pursuing).
- Thrill-seeking, adventure-seeking
- Not necessary "traditional" in the sense of family

- Believes in hard work, rewarding good, punishing bad behavior
- "Rigid" when it comes to protocol or other types of established criteria. Will take the time to explain why something doesn't meet protocol or criteria, but won't sugarcoat it or make exceptions
- Some say he's arrogant (I disagree)
- Very guarded, cautious… takes a while to warm up, but doesn't ever seem to open up

- loves to discuss theoretical and conceptual issues
- often ponders about the meaning and complexity of life
- often draws connections to the meaning of life in seemingly insignificant details (example: someone stepped on gum on the street, had to pause to remove the gum from shoe, and missed the crossing signal. He'd relate this to some aspect of his life where he was once inhibited from doing something because something got in the way, and will draw on how we can all relate to this in our lives).
- Likes to relate things back to him -- in conversations, likes to relate everything to his own experiences, friends' experiences, etc. Likes to relate the meaning of songs to his life. Without being able to relate to these things, he loses interest in that someone/something.
- Has strong moments of nostalgia, wistfulness, melancholy
-bouts of insomnia

- Likes to talk endlessly once on a topic of interest
- Gets side tracked easily when talking (goes off at a tangent and can't remember what he was saying)

- Confident around people but doesn't seem to seek out people
- Confident when talking to large groups (example: conference), but little rapport in one-on-one conversations; almost seems he isn't paying attention, but is.
- Has a good relationship with parents, but doesn't really keep in touch; will often joke about things they made him do manyyyy years later, but no hard feelings involved.
- Little or no concern in people's lives beyond basics (at least it seems that way, though once I figure out his type, I could figure out how he expresses his concern)
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If you're right about his absolutely being a T, then entj would make sense.

Still, have you considered enfp?

Put him on youtube.
<Very guarded, cautious… takes a while to warm up, but doesn't ever seem to open up.>

That is pretty close to being as I as you can be.

<- loves to discuss theoretical and conceptual issues.>

That is VERY N and is definitely something that ISTJs do not love.

<Ivory tower.>

Very N but less so than the theory.

<Believes in hard work, rewarding good, punishing bad behavior.>

That sounds J. Ps believe in all those things too. It is just that we don't usual wear those beliefs on our sleeves.

<Some say he's arrogant (I disagree).>

This was the phrase that tipped me off and made me instantly think your friend was INTJ. INTJs appear arrogant, but they really aren't.There aren't a whole lot of INTJs out there, and that may be why your friend was so hard for you to type.
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Wow, thanks for all the help guys! I'm feeling really exhausted right now (going through a bout of insomnia...) and am feeling sleepy + feeling my eyes droop for the first time in a few days, so I'll come back and post a more thorough reply tomorrow. All of your responses are helpful and I'm going to have to do a more in-depth examination of this (when I get some sleep). I went through individual profiles of all the T types and damn. He fits a little bit of each. and I've considered ENFP as well... he displays characteristics/similarities with my ENFP friend. Ahh, so much to think about tomorrow
It's a toss-up for this person, because when I read descriptions on the different type and go through the different forums, they all equally apply to him.

One thing that really strikes me is that this person struggles heavily over being torn between his idealism and reality. He often talks about how ideals are often not translated into reality, and this seems to be something he ponders over a LOT. I am an INFJ and I often think about the dissonance between reality and my ideals, but I tend to get stuck in a rut about this.

But for him, he seems to take a step back from this struggle (doesn't allow himself to get stuck in the rut like I do, where I'm torn between reality/idealism). Instead, he talks about how we can theoretically be more constructive by changing the way we think about things and how we approach this dissonance.

Thanks for all your patience in helping me. His mannerisms remind me of my ISTJ friends, but they are not quite the same. That his mannerisms fascinate me is another matter in itself...
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