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Judging from any existing POV I have made all possible errors I couldve. Now to be successfull in life means to hit the well doing path asap. In my case that ment always test.success type of process. When I got out of mil school the 1 error I did was to get drunk with the guys. I felt sick for 3 whole days. Now I couldve test the same with the same results, but I chose not to. Had I chose to repeat that error Id had become a mistake. Why ppl tend to not admit errors? Low self value?

The opposite gave me almost 10 more years of life, 2 more uni experiences, the hnw and uhnw stuff, few really close ppl, combat experience, a lot of way more intelligent ppl than Ill ever be to lead and last yet far from least. Expertise about why I was around and especially where Im gonna go because of my rather ruthless past.

The point to all is why would we or anyone prefer ego over happiness? Or is happiness so twistedly defined. When I gave some of the orders I did, or when I chose to be an intellectual prostitute forthe wealth, were there infact no alternatives or alternative in singular? Perhaps I didnt know about it back then. Maybe I did, but in my own lack of any trails of wisdom didnt care.

Or is it possible that my own greed, pride, programming formed this ... ambition if you like that got never saturated but only grew bigger and bigger with time. The mistake I though I was not making was to be a bigger bitch for a reality that is not formed to support happiness but the genetic flaws of the human. To keep the human its bitch. I was allways an idiot, not that Id be lesser now, but when ppl see they are not happy - like the sentiment of lackin time - why would they tend to repeat that error instead of questioning till they literally pass away bc their own bodys fail. I wonder, before death do ppl ever touch the level of courage from the 17 levels of counsciousness?

Shouldnt the intjs be generally at least a little bit more connected to the reality od self development? Or is the word cattle the superlative in its accuracy for us in 99percent of the cases.

This thread will be an unpleasent one to many. But to those of you who are higher than me, who are logical and not emotionally imbalanced and stupid, can the level of me a dickhead stagnating at the level of pride be repaired by other than war? Or smt way worse from the underworld? Can pride be healed? Can loosers like me ever learn to have success?

Errors and mistakes. Kennedy knew the difference, why so few kennedies.
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