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Hi, I'm french but I'll try to be as precise as possible and to write so you can understand me.

So I'm with this ESFJ girl since now 6 months, we really fell in love and it was really something, it was intense love, and it's still the same now. We live a distance relationship but we see each other often.

Today we have been in a conflict where she is the one who is wrong, and she is 100%. But she can't admit anything like it's like she turned off, she doesn't want to hear what I'm saying she is just broken. But we've been in this situation before, and this time I don't want to give up and to do what I do usually: to just shut up, and switch to something else and forget about it. I've made this effort too much time , even apologizing for something she was responsible , this is going too far . Yes, this is intense love, yes I will not find 2 girls like that in my whole life, it's the luck of my life. But I can't let that situation go for too long.
This time I want advice from you guy, we should've seen ourselves the weekend of the 14-15. So we call you all day, and today we got in an argument (she really hurt me for 100% free). At the end of the call I told her something by SMS, which was "I've made the effort too many time, now I hope you will make the effort if you think I'm worth it or you not, it's for you to see.

And she said, forget it, don't come (because it was planned I should visit her this weekend).

So I said, OK I cancel the trip. That's all, I just don't want to give up again, I want to see how she will react after this night, like will she text me tomorrow with apologies or anything or will she stay like a rock and leave me soon?

What do you think guys, I should do? Wait for her to apologize or to say that she regret or anything else.

Thank you so much
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