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ESFJ's and Motherhood

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So, you'd think with a name like "The Caregivers" we'd be all about having and raising children, and enjoying every minute of it. And maybe I'm alone in this, but being a mother is THE hardest thing I have ever done. My kids are still very young right now, so maybe I will enjoy it more once they're older. But if it weren't for the promise of future rewards, I would be sorely tempted to quit this job right now.

Anyone else out there in this boat?
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My ESFJ sister, who is 26, doesn't want children until she's in her thirties, but she will make a great mother if she ever becomes one. I think she will find it hard work like you do, but she's more than happy to help the people she loves.
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Aww, thank you, skycloud :D My husband (who is INTP like you) is always telling me what a wonderful mother I am. I hope it's true. I have so many expectations of myself, though, and I tend to be too hard on myself sometimes. I want to do everything possible for my boys, yet at the same time I am afraid of losing myself.
When I think of the "ideal woman" in our society's standards, including the "perfect" maternal figure, I think of ESFJ females.
Exactly! Obviously, I wrote the above OP thinking I was an ESFJ, though I've since then discovered that is not the case. I am INFJ. Haha, no wonder it all didn't come naturally to me...
When I think of the "ideal woman" in our society's standards, including the "perfect" maternal figure, I think of ESFJ females.
My ESFJ mother was/is the perfect mother. You hear jokes about ESFJ (female) stereotypes, but my mother is so much more. She's wonderful. I don't know how she did/does it. I know it is extremely wearing on her, though she is crafty at hiding it.
My ESFJ mother is a FREAK for babies and kids. She just LOVES babies and children. She said that she'd be happy as a homemaker, and she wants to have MORE kids and adopt kids and have a bunch of animals to nurture. In fact, she has three fluffy little rat dogs whom she dresses up and considers "her babies". She refers to herself as "their mommy".

It's quite frightening.
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