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ESFJs = walking lifetime moments?

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My mom is an ESFJ and it seems like every day of her life is a so-called "Lifetime moment", and sometimes several times a day. I've often been included in these "Lifetime moments", much to my chagrin. In fact, I would say I've dealt with her "Lifetime moments" every two or three days... for my entire life.

Do other ESFJs consist of walking "Lifetime moments"?

Side note: it seems like ISFJs are failed walking "Lifetime moments", from what I've seen and heard of them.
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Lol, so true, so true :wink:
Can you explain more about what you mean by this? I'm curious.
Side note: it seems like ISFJs are failed walking "Lifetime moments", from what I've seen and heard of them.
Like the TV channel "Lifetime?"
Yeah. :wink:
Like the TV channel "Lifetime?"
So what's a "walking failed 'Lifetime' moment?" :mellow:
Like the TV channel "Lifetime?"
Clandestine said:
I know of the channel, and I know the general vibe of it....though not a whole lot since I've never really watched it. But like Eyes Open just asked...I still don't know exactly what you're trying to say, especially the part about ISFJ's. I'm not offended or anything, I'm just curious to hear exactly what you mean by it in more detail.
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Not always, I know some decent balanced xSFJs. They value relationships over drama, but I get what you mean.. I know an ISFJ and well, drama all the time. Also, OP.. concrete communication is better suited to this area.
Drama? What drama? What lifetime moment? :confused:
It's a cultural metaphor perhaps lost on you.
If it's like the Lifetime TV channel then God no that's not how my life is.

I'm not cheating on my SO with someone else.
I've never had a family member kidnapped.
I'm not being abused and trying to escape it.
Obviously, I haven't been murdered or attempted to be murdered by my SO or a jealous ex/stalker.

:wink: :crazy:

My life is actually pretty boring. I go to work. I go home. I might go out to dinner. I go grocery shopping. I watch some TV or movies. I go to bed. Lately, I'm the worst E ever. :crazy:
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