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I've noticed a pattern with myself and it's really frustrating:

When someone hits on me, my first reaction generally is, that I'm not interested. Because I'm always scared that the first impression can be very wrong and I hate confrontation later, so I tend to avoid it. So even when I get offers, I turn them down. However, it has happend to me before, that as soon as the guy either respects my NO and backs off completely, or is sulking and avoiding me, I figure out, that my rejection was premature and I am actually interested, I just needed some time alone and not under pressure to consider it, yet the opportunity is gone and it's really tough to create a new one.

This has kept me from a lot of adventures and options I may have had. Right now I am super duper vexed about one such. I keep looking for an opening to fix that, but now there hasn't been one for a while. I could not catch the guy alone now for a week...

Is this just me, or do many of you need for the other person to express interest frankly, so as not to be misinterpreted, but then to back off and give you some space? Or do you just go for it from the first moment?
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