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ESTJ Epic Hero and ISFP Romantic Heroine

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So I'm planning to write a short story series and I aim two have it alternate between two protagonists: one being Lawful Good and inspired by the Epic Hero archetype and the other being a Chaotic Good Romantic Heroine. I am trying to come up with how to write them and on one of my Creative Writing assignments, I have had trouble with incorporating personality (honestly, I rarely socialize and predicting personality is the hardest thing for me), yet they still said that I was a "natural-born writer," so I still want to pursuit this career (I was inspired by Tolkien and Lewis).

The male Epic Hero is ESTJ because I wanted a Lawful (xSxJ) character with the "large-talking" characteristics of the Epic Hero. Plus, ESTJ corellates with Choleric/Melancholic and I've read that the Choleric temperament is "powered" by testosterone.

The female Romantic Hero is ISFP because the archetype sometimes has unconventional world views (which adds a bonus since I'd pick the modest cloudcuckoolander over the bikini-clad "normal" girl anytime) and follows his/her own rules (Chaotic, or xSxP). Furthermore, ISFP can also be Phlegmatic/Sanguine and the Phlegmatic temperament (according to my research) comes from estrogen.

I happen to know that one awesome ESTJ hero is Peter Pevensie from CON and one ISFP hero is Frodo Baggins from LOTR.

I have already come up with some ideas, but I'd like some input on each personalities' habits, behaviors and mannerisms, please. :)
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Well, I would love to help but an ISFP I have little patience for analyses. There you go.

Sounds interesting btw

Edit: Actually, give me some direction and I can try and help if you want anything first hand. I have trouble navigating in broad questions, but am good with details :)
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