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ESTJ Epic Hero and ISFP Romantic Heroine

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So I'm planning to write a short story series and I aim two have it alternate between two protagonists: one being Lawful Good and inspired by the Epic Hero archetype and the other being a Chaotic Good Romantic Heroine. I am trying to come up with how to write them and on one of my Creative Writing assignments, I have had trouble with incorporating personality (honestly, I rarely socialize and predicting personality is the hardest thing for me), yet they still said that I was a "natural-born writer," so I still want to pursuit this career (I was inspired by Tolkien and Lewis).

The male Epic Hero is ESTJ because I wanted a Lawful (xSxJ) character with the "large-talking" characteristics of the Epic Hero. Plus, ESTJ corellates with Choleric/Melancholic and I've read that the Choleric temperament is "powered" by testosterone.

The female Romantic Hero is ISFP because the archetype sometimes has unconventional world views (which adds a bonus since I'd pick the modest cloudcuckoolander over the bikini-clad "normal" girl anytime) and follows his/her own rules (Chaotic, or xSxP). Furthermore, ISFP can also be Phlegmatic/Sanguine and the Phlegmatic temperament (according to my research) comes from estrogen.

I happen to know that one awesome ESTJ hero is Peter Pevensie from CON and one ISFP hero is Frodo Baggins from LOTR.

I have already come up with some ideas, but I'd like some input on each personalities' habits, behaviors and mannerisms, please. :)
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You can study Claire Bennet from Heroes and or Kate Austen from Lost to see how they interact with certain people and their immediate environment. I'm certain they're both ISFPs. Oh and Bella Swan from twilight *cringes*

I hope you are successful in your career pursuits.
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