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You like to roll up your sleeves, dig in and go right at getting the job done. you use logic and analysis as guiding principles in your life. You're quick to decide and set out a plan of action. You make sure commitments (your own and those of others) are honored and the job gets done.

You value team sports, and other group activities. If something is the tradition of your job or school, you'll take part in it. You know that you have to "earn your keep" and take responsibility for take your roles seriously (father, employee, student, or whatever).

You learn best in structured're a take charge kinda person.. you can deliver when there's a specific task with have an orderly and logical way of evaluating things..

You like a task-oriented and structured get a thrill outta accomplishments and just having finished something...efficiency is important to you....with you, "what you see is what you get."
You are the prototypical leader. You give advice freely, you take charge, you wanna fix the are quick, direct, and crisp at getting to the core of the situation...others might look at you as tough, driven, or heartless, though..

You put work before pleasure, and know when to do time is often seen as a reward for accomplishing a task... you don't just go for walks.. the walk hasta have a purpose...

Love means stability and steadfastedness...however, when you fall in love, this is pretty much the only time you'll be flexible and spontaneous... you expect security and loyalty in logically expect that a relationship will have its ups and downs, so let the other person weather the tough times, when you should be helping don't like to let others see your hurt're super-sensitive to being rejected and may not always share that hurt...

Things to watch for: you might decide too quickly and to form opinions how things "ought to get done." But what happens when circumstances change? Also, don't walk on others's part of working with others and you don't particularly consider this part often...when you get emotional and you've been holding stuff inside, a seemingly minor incident will set off an explosion...don't forget to consider others' values and opinions.

ESTJ: "Execution Saves The Job"

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