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ESTJ-INFP Father Son realationship

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My Dad is extreme ESTJ, and I have a lot of trouble getting along with him. Are there any tips on how we can... "bond" better?
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Alright, thank you very much for the advice. If it helps, I do have some answers to your questions:
I’m a junior in high school. (And my Dad is stressing a community college, so going away may not be possible.
My father likes computers (internal stuff) and, yes, football. I think I got him hooked on Call of Duty, just about when I stopped playing.
Bugs frustrate him to no end, so we really can’t do anything outside. He gets unrealistically frustrated when things don’t go over smoothly (which I can never manage to do)
I want to bond better with him because he is my father, and we should have a good relationship. I also am aware that he really can’t do too much to not act like he does. Though, every day I feel like I am not liking him even more. That is what is prohibiting the relationship I want to have, even though I want to like him.
I don’t think he doesn’t like me, but I am sure that he doesn’t know I am growing less fond of him. So, I doubt there is any real way of telling.
Thank you everyone. You have helped.
Sorry, I did see that question the first time. I told myself to write down the answer because I would have forgetten, and I didn't write it down. I just remembered to answer the question:

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
What kind of football and what team, I'm curious? - [I'm a fan :) ])
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